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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the rain fell. so viewers of the show should have no problem answering four down in "the new york times" cross word puzzle. the include, parino. the answer? tweet me. take a look at the screen. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: racism is not funny and roseanne barr is a racist. now her show is cancelled. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. this is "shepard smith reporting." abc made the decision to nix the reboot of roseanne hours after the comedian went on a rant on twitter, made a racist statement and not the first time about valley jarrett. roseanne responded to an unfounded claim that president obama had spied on french presidential candidates. she accused his former adviser of helping. the tweet, which roseanne has since deleted, muslim
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brotherhood and planet brotherhood had a baby, v.j., valerie jarrett. rose ann deleted the tweet and tried to say she was sorry. she said i apologized to valorie jarrett and all americans. i'm sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. i should have known better. forgive me. my joke was in bad taste. she also said she was leaving twitter. fast forward a few hours later. abc says the show that was signed for a second season is now cancelled. it's not as if abc knew they had a show whose star was racist. she tweeted about president obama's national security adviser in 2013. she wrote "susan rice is a man with big swinging eight balls." despite her history, abc was sticking with its star, at least until today. the show took off since coming back to television. the ratings through the roof.
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conservatives pointing to its success, away from the left what they called political correct net. even got plenty of attention from the president itself. look at roseanne. i called her yesterday. look at her ratings. look at her ratings. i got a call from mark burnett. he did "the apprentice." he said donald, i called to say hello, to tell you, did you see roseanne's ratings? i said mark, how big were they? they were unbelievable. over 18 million people. >> shepard: huge ratings but racism killed it. so far no word from president trump since abc's decision just less than an hour ago. seems no amount of viewers or tweeting could have saved roseanne from her racist ways. at least not this time. it's fox's top story. julie baeras is on it this afternoon. who more has abc had to say on
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this. >> abc has came out. they did. took a few hours. things moved quickly. abc comes out and the president of abc said roseanne's twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we decided to cancer her show. the chairman and ceo of walt disney said there was one thing to do here and that was the right thing. so things moved quickly. the apology obviously not enough to save the show. >> shepard: you wonder how much more of a life this will take on because it is clear from what she's done in the past, there's no way abc couldn't have known. 's seen it suggested today that they were looking the other way. >> that were looking the other way. in a day like today, this racism, this homophobia doesn't work and doesn't work for abc. abc needed to pull the trigger before it started to flashback. i also want to put up a couple
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tweets by tom arnold, a friend of hers. tough decision with financial consequences for its company. right for america. now don't bug bob, but maybe someone else will find out if i'm still banned from all of abc network for calling roseanne barr out first. there's a statement by reverend al sharpton on the cancellation of her show. abc television has done the right thing by immediately cancelling "roseanne." whether it was imus calling the rutger's women's basketball team despaisparaging name or a well-refined public servant like valorie jarrett being depicting valorie jarrett as an abe. >> shepard: and jarrett was part of the rant that happened overnight. >> and about knew this. they knew she would be c
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controversi controversial. in 2013, she called susan rice a man with big-swinging eight balls. but amid the ensuing outrage, barr whose reboot was renewed for a second season, defending herself against the charges of islamophobia. she said islam is not a race. islam includes every race of people. i want to mention, somehow the clinton family got ripped into this. this ordeal which began tuesday morning started when barr took aim at george sores. she said my given middle name is victoria. i'm just not married to one. >> shepard: thank you. >> she's off twitter now.
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she says. >> shepard: for the moment. >> we'll see. >> shepard: thank you. roseanne barr has a history of stirring up controversy on and off the small screen. trace gallagher with more. trace? >> shep, the roseanne show and roseanne always pushed the envelope, whether it was this year going back to the 90s when it was also a ratings hit for abc. they were one of the first to feature gay characters portrayed by sandra bernhardt and mariel hemmingway. abc refused to air the episode but after that became public, the network changed its mind and decided to air it with a warning label attached. the show later featured a gay wedding and abc pushed that episode from the show's 8:00 p.m. time slot to 9:30 p.m. saying "the adult humor in this episode was more appropriate for the later time period." and birth control, abortion,
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racism, also the issues that the network and roseanne dealt with back in the 90s. shep? >> shepard: what about her off camera life, trace? >> always stirring things up and socially. she ran nor the white house in 2012. first she ran as a candidate in the green part and lost the nomination to jill stein. she appeared on several debate stages. the peace and freedom party nominated her. and barr got involved with the trayvon martin death. she said if zimmerman isn't retweeted, it post his address. zimmerman's family took her to court. the case was clone out. the most famous controversy is
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when she performed the national anthem in 1990. president george h.w. bush called it disgraceful. you might remember a few years ago that roseanne created a short-lived series about her life as a farmer in hawaii and she called it "roseanne's nuts." >> shepard: thanks, trace. if you're headed to twitter to condemn one side or the other on what has quickly become a boiling controversy, the bots are there with you. so expect on your twitter timeline or your facebook feed the bots to be at work today. they are all the time. they have been since the meddling in the 2016 election and they want to divide us about ourselves as a society. how could an international
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company like disney sit around and let it happened? how could there? isn't there anything we can be united on? more ahead on the cancellation of "roseanne." certainly abc knew what they were getting itself into. why did they have to put themselves in a position to deal with this? we'll speak with the media critics on this tuesday afternoon. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. benjamin franklin capturedkey lightening in a bottle.
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>> shepard: there's breaking news. we just got word from icm partners that it is the talent agency for roseanne barr and they just fired her as a client. the question is, should action and disney have seen this coming? let's turn to david bottard, a media critic for the a.p. and live with us this afternoon. good to see you. >> good to see you. roseanne as a racist is established knowledge. >> i think they might have been blinded by what roseanne could do for them financially, especially when she came back in march and exceeded their wildest expectations. they held their breath and didn't work. >> shepard: is it your sense that -- this happened very fast. it happened so quickly that you wonder if there was a big corporate meeting. it's not as if the wheels of
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corporate america turned swiftly. somebody -- did somebody have a plan in advance here in case roseanne went off the rails? >> i don't know if they had a plan in advance. they got together fairly quickly. they notified the production company and it seemed like a cut and dry decision. bob eiger from disney tweeted out the decision. >> shepard: how big a lot is this financially for abc? >> i don't know the exact numbers on it. i mean, they were counting on this to be one of their biggest shows of next year. it was the number to comedy behind "the big bang theory" when it came back this past march. took everybody by surprise. the first episode was seen by 25 million people, which in television world these days is almost unheard of. >> shepard: it had been signed for a second season and i'm told was one of the most expensive shows on television. from our research, looked like
12:14 pm
it was taking in about $175,000 for a 30-second ad. that's not a small amount. >> not at all. a lot of the advertisers were delighted to see a -- delighted to have a chance to get a large audience. they don't have that many shows on the air where they can reach a broad swath of the american public the way they could with this show. you talk about football games. that's about it. >> shepard: and yet there were things about this show that resonated to the four corners of the nation. they brought up important topics. the opioid crisis for one. hitting people in middle america. if you will, in trump country across a mass swath of the nation. it's not like this is an all-bad program. >> no. a lot of people thought they did a good job. it's a comedy that a lot of people were familiar with. they knew the connor family. they wanted to welcome them back in their homes again. it did debate some of these
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issues that a lot of other shows never got into. particularly with president trump. i mean, she's -- barr as an actress has supported him and a character in the show and supported her. >> shepard: interesting that twitter killed her. >> yeah. it's not something that she's had a friendly relationship. >> shepard: are you seeing it, david, as a writer and critic as a sea of peril for actors and actresses across the land or do the benefit outweigh the draw backs? >> for a lot of people, they're one stupid remark away from being in a situation that she's in. most people are smart enough to avoid it. it's trouble. sometimes you don't know what the benefits are. >> shepard: writers don't write headlines. if you wrote yours today, what would it be? >> roseanne barr is done in by
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her well-established views. done in quickly. >> shepard: thanks, david. good of you to come on. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: ahead, a hollywood insider on abc's big gamble. we're also following important stories outside of this one. hurricane maria killed 64 people. 64 people died in hurricane maria. that is what we know from our government. but now we know our government could not have been more wrong. 64 people did? try more than 4,000. how does the government make that mistake? plus, we'll take you to ellicott city, maryland with a community is dealing with a devastating flood. you may have see this over the weekend. what has happened outside baltimore is beyond description. will they rebuild or give up? and heart breaking news about a
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hero washed away while trying to help others.
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>> shepard: more on abc's cancelling of "roseanne" after the star, roseanne barr wept on a twitter rant and made racist statements. the network rolled the dice when they hired the controversial comedian. this is brian live. nice to talk to you. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: does your reporting indicate there were discussions of this at the highest level prior to rebooting the show or is it something that they realized and went ahead with. >> her reputation preceded her. they thought reboots are a hot
12:21 pm
conce concept. you're seeing "will and grace" and "murphy brown." >> shepard: is there anything about this moment, this cancellation about this star that tells us anything about the bigger picture in our country? >> it's no secret. the nation is polarized and politics and cultural issues. i think when celebrities that are in the middle talk about race, class, it can be dicey and she was doing that. >> shepard: i guess what i'm asking, brian, did abc make a decision that we can't be associated with a racist because we can't be associated with a racist or the money was such despite the money coming in, but the money was such for this global company and its identity that the money was such long-term that it couldn't handle it financially? >> well, this is a hot prospect coming into this season. one of the best ranked shows.
12:22 pm
it was the talk of the up front when they made the presentation. they had a lot of money coming in. and they're cutting off the show despite the promise of big money coming in. >> shepard: in the past, we've seen companies react to the loss of money by cancelling a show or cancelling a star after it was realized that there was an avalanche coming down the mountain. today they made the decision in three hours. >> well, doesn't -- keep in mind, shep, all tv is right in the middle of up front talk. they're having negotiations -- >> shepard: up front for our viewers, it's the time that you bring out the shows that are ready and you tell advertisers here's why you need to pay so much. you bring the stars out and sell it in advance. >> that's right. imagine talking to general mills or coca-cola or procter & gamble with a disaster like this as you're having talks. >> shepard: that would be
12:23 pm
different. what i've witnessed in recent months and years is companies wait until it's untenable. surely in three hours they hadn't reached that position already. they made this decision ahead of that avalanche. >> they made -- a couple factors going in here. they may have seen the ratings for roseanne that spiked heavily, coming back down to earth in the latter part of the recent season's run. they probably had to pay more money for the cast that is a stellar group of actors. there may have been costs that abc saw and said, we don't need this. >> yeah. it sounds like that that may be exactly what has happened. nice to talk to you, brian steinberg for variety. thanks, brian. >> thank you. >> shepard: i mentioned a short time ago that her agency has dropped her. i have a quote from her agency now, from icm partners.
12:24 pm
"we're all greatly distressed by the disgraceful and unacceptable tweet from roseanne barr." it went on "we have notified her that we will not represent her effective immediately. roseanne barr is no longer a client." moving on to other news now. more than 4,600 people likely died as a result of hurricane maria in puerto rico last year. the government said 64 people died. according to a new study from harvard university, it criticized puerto rico's counting methods and claimed there was a lack of transparency. researchers say they got their number by comparing the death rate by maria to the death rate in 2016. there was a 62% increase. the report found many of the deaths were the result of a delay in medical care and lack
12:25 pm
of basic services including running water and electricity. puerto rican officials say the number would go up and look forward to analyzing the survey. police say they have found the body of a man that went missing while trying to help a woman and her cat during the epic flooding that happened in maryland. searchers found edison herman in a nearby river. flood waters swept him away on sunday in ellicott city west of baltimore. he was a national guard member and an air force veteran. we're getting a look at the damage to the town's main street. some of the businesses just getting back to normal after catastrophic flooding two years ago. look at this. re's that street and what it look like on sunday night. that is a river coming down the street. tearing into homes and businesses. the county executives there said this time around is much worse than the 2016 flooding.
12:26 pm
garrett tenney is live this afternoon. garrett? >> shep, one bit of good news is police say they have not received any reports of people missing. they're feeling more optimistic now that there won't be any additional fatalities. that was a real concern. the flooding that hit this area in 2016, killed two people. the damage from this storm was significantly worse. now, the business owners are just getting their first look at the damage today. getting to come back in and they're finding thick mud across the main street of the floors of their businesses and walls are completely gone. i spoke to the fire department. they told me they're done inspecting the buildings. several of them are simply not structurally sound enough but they're going to allow people or first responders back in. they need to come in, stabilize the buildings before anyone can come in and do further damage assessments and recover any of
12:27 pm
their belongings. a lot of folks though are planning to rebuild. this is after doing that very same thing less than two years ago when this previous flooding hit. others that we have spoken to have said after going through this same experience, they're not so sure they can do it again. county officials say following the 2016 flooding, they came up with plans to build storm retention ponds. the funding for the projects didn't come through until just before this last week. shep? >> shepard: garrett tenney in maryland. new signs now that the meeting between president trump and the north korean dictator might happen? we'll see what happens. our next guest says there's not a single thing to suggest the two men will ever see eye to eye. in other words, we have one definition of denuclearization and the man on the right has a different one. i'll tell you those. plus a father accused of playing
12:28 pm
poke man go while his son dangled from a balcony. the dad is facing charges. the man that scaled a building to save the boy getting lots of love as fox reports this hour. next, bottom of the hour, top of the news. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the aver leage th of tirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪ >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. crews fell about 300 feet on mound hood. a helicopter airlifting one of them to a hospital with back and shoulder injuries. the rescue leader told reporters that mountain conditions were difficult and slippery. the u.s. embassy is shutting down for planned protests. the state department reminding americans that the country has laws for foreigners participating in demonstrations. dozens have died with violence between police and
12:31 pm
anti-protesters. another search for wreckage from flight 370 coming to an end. the ceo of the u.s. company leading the hunt said he was disappointed they didn't find anything. the flight vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board. searchers have found only a few pieces of debris. the new continues with shep after this.
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>> shepard: topping the news at the bottom of the hours. the first family in china. beijing has granted the president's daughter and adviser, ivanka trump, more than a dozen trade marks in three months. during that same time, the chinese government has been in the middle of talks with her father's administration and as the president has defined democrats and republicans to ease penalties against zte. the associated press reports the chinese stamp of approval will let her company market products in china and probably make her
12:34 pm
millions. president trump said he will help xi jinping keep zte in business despite the fact that u.s. officials have banned american companies from selling parts to zte. they have said the cyber security officials that the company's technology is a major security threat in the united states. just this month, the pentagon banned zte phones from u.s. military bases saying china could use them to spy on american troops. the senate minority leader chuck schumer said helping zte would not help with national security. marco rubio said there's support from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to block a white house proposal that could help save the teleccompany. meantime, the white house threatening a again to slap $50 billion worth of tariffs on
12:35 pm
chinese products. let's than two weeks ago, steve mnuchin said the trade war with china was on hold while officials from both countries try to negotiate a deal. rich edson is live with more. chinese officials say they were surprised with the white house announcement. >> they said the white news announcement from the white house is unexpected but they have the ability to safeguard their core interest in this. the white house says they will subject $50 billion in chinese goods continuing to the united states to a 20% tariff. they said they will target technology and announce the full list june 15. after that, the administration says they will announce a policy to restrict chinese investments in u.s. technology and technology companies. that coming a couple weeks after this full list of $50 billion comes out from the administration. there's long concerns from this administration and previous administrations about chinese
12:36 pm
companies acquiring american technologies, stealing american technology on top of the $375 billion trade deficit the u.s. already has with china and this is just a few days before the secretary of the commerce department, wilbur ross, is scheduled to head to beijing for more discussions on this, shep. >> shepard: in the wake of this, i'm told that zte is shaking up its management. >> it is. remember, this is part of the deal with the president. the president announced that zte would have to shake up its management, change its structure and pay a $1.3 billion fine if they wanted to operate with u.s. businesses again. there's opposition to that, of course. you mentioned that coming from both sides of the aisle. the security concerns that a number of folks, democrat and republicans have in congress about chinese equipment like this. and also on top of that, the company has lost, according to analysts, billions perhaps because of this ban as that continues.
12:37 pm
so there's concerns on the one hand from congress on this. on the other hand, already lost revenue and lost of reputation for zte because of this episode. >> shepard: thanks, rich. the president said during the transition that there would be no new deals from anyone involved with trump companies in foreign countries during his term in office. instead, ivanka trump has gotten the patents. president trump accusing the special counsel and its team of a new set of conspiracy theories. unfounded? not based in fact or reason? with no evidence to support them. the president says back up. the president says that robert mueller and his team are meddling in the mid-terms. there's nothing to support that claim and neither the president nor the white house has offered anything to support that claim. yet here's the tweet. the 13 angry democrats plus people that worked eight years nor obama worked on the rigged russian witch hunt will be meddling with the mid-terms that
12:38 pm
the republicans stay tough and taking the lead in the polls. there was no collusion except by the democrats. that was the tweet. the president claims the special counsel investigating russia election interference and collusion with team trump will be meddling in our elections. there's nothing to indicate that is true. as for the rest of the tweet, documents show there are people that registered as democrats on the special counsel's team but robert mueller is a republican. so is president trump's deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who appointed mueller. an appointment many top republicans praised. the so-called rigged russia witch hunt is not a witch hunt. it resultein charges against four former trump associates. three pleaded guilty to lying about russia. the president said the feds spied on his campaign with an informant. the president calls it spygate. fox news knows of no evidence to
12:39 pm
support the president's claim that lawmakers from both parties said using an informant to investigate suspected ties to russia is not spying. it's part of the normal investigative process. let's go to jordan fabian for "the hill." he had a busy morning. >> to say the least. >> you laugh at them because there's almost nothing else you can do. these are official states from the white house. the white house has informed us that tweets are official statements. rarely have we seen so many untrue official statements from the white house in the past. in my lifetime, i can't remember this happening before. can you? >> no. it's a pretty extraordinary tact we're seeing by president trump. what he's trying to do here is muddy the waters and really undermine the credibility of robert mueller and his team.
12:40 pm
it's moving in closer to the president's inner circle and feeling the pressure and this is how he's responding. >> lesley stahl is said to have asked president trump about this matter. lesley stahl told us what the president said about his attempts to discredit. what was that? >> well, she said that essentially he will put things out there to muddy the waters to create confusion to make the media look bad. the news media reporting on a lot of these developments in the russia investigation. if president trump supporters don't believe what the media is saying, maybe republican lawmakers won't believe it either if they have to take up impeachment proceedings, this is an all-front battle on this issue by the president. >> shepard: the president's tv attorney, rudy guliani, the former new york mayor, has made similar admissions about strategy on behalf of the trump
12:41 pm
group. >> that's right. just this sunday he went on cnn and was talking about the strategy behind these attacks. he said look, this is about winning the war of public opinion. i'm paraphrasing here. so whether or not what the president is saying is true seems secondary to the political aim of the respect and his legal team which is to undermine this investigation and raise doubts about robert mueller. >> shepard: discussions of i impeachment which is the democratic hierarchy is warning against warning not to talk about, team trump seem to believe it benefits them. >> that's right. it's interesting that you hear this word meddling in elections being brought up. that's exactly the case. the president and his allies believe that if the democrats are talking about impeachment. it's a positive for them. they think it's far-fetched and ridiculous to happen to the
12:42 pm
president. they would rather the democrats talk about that than the issues. you'll see the president continue to highlight the issues every chance he can get. >> shepard: jordan fabian for the hill and can be found at their website. jordan, thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> shepard: new back and forth on the north korea summit. right now it's not a summit. not going to happen officially. and yet as north korea sends a very high profile visitor to the united states, there's discussion a summit on june 13. that's next. whoooo.
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
we'll see what happens. a state department spokesman said secretary of state mike pompeo is going to new york tomorrow and will meet with that new york korean official kim yung chol. if it happens, he will be the highest ranking north korean official to visit the united states in nearly two decades. last week president trump announced he's pulling out of the june 12th summit. he accused north korea open showing open hostility, sent him a letter, remember? now president trump is signals that the letter worked and the summit is back on. that's not official. today the president tweeted, we have put a great team together for our talks with north korea. meetings are taking place concerning summit and more. kimyung chol heading to
12:47 pm
new york. let's bring in tara maller. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: the man meeting with the secretary of state, south korea says he's the mastermind of a south korean ship that killed 46 and the mastermind of a shelling of an island. he's black listed by the united states and china. he wields a lot of power, right? >> yes. and for a summit that was cancelled with a letter last week, it's not officially cancelled. there's three parallel tracks going on. one in new york with this visit and secretary of state mike pompeo travelling to new york. you have officials meeting over in singapore from the u.s. side laying the ground work for the june 12 summit and you have a third track going on right now also in the dmz with officials working out things. so for a cancelled summit,
12:48 pm
there's lots of preparations underway to make it happen. we'll see as the president likes to say. i think they were leaving the door open in case the north koreans pulled out. they wanted to have the united states not being on the defensive and they don't want to hold a meeting that will have a negative outcome. >> shepard: normally that sort of thing is worked out before a summit and the summit is the show like the diplomats have gone through it all, fine tooth comb, every i is dotted and everything and then they have a summit. >> that's right. what will need to happen, they need to get things in order rather quickly. there's not a lot of time here. i'm all for the summit but they rushed this. there was the impromptu press conference. you're right. usually lots of ts have crossed and is dotted before the meeting. we may see a positive photo
12:49 pm
open. >> shepard: good for kim. >> it is. but someone that does foreign policy and national security, i'm optimistic that these opportunities can create openings for negotiations and zones of agreement down the line. again, there's no guarantees going into this. you do need diplomacy if you're going to get some sort of denuclearization. you're not going to get treaty here that resolves everything in one sitting, even in the best case scenario. it's virtually impossible. >> shepard: we're talking about denuclearization. to us, denuclearization means hey, kim, all your nukes got to go. you have to be transparent, we have to verify it. all your facilities have to go. you know what denuclearization means to north korea? that means that we get rid of our nukes over there, too and oh, by the way, china wants our troops off the dmz. that is what china wants. i've heard lots of analysts say if china wants it to happen, it
12:50 pm
will. if they don't, it won't because china rules north korea. >> you're right. one of the thing officials need to make sure, there's some areas of agreement at least in terms of a time frame on a phased approach to denuclearization looks like. the north korean definition and the united states are different. what the united states wants is complete dismantlement of nuclear weapons and verification of that. north koreans have a different idea of what that entails. >> shepard: it's good to see you. thank you very much. appreciate it, tara. tara maller live with us. the president is landing. this is marine one, as you can see or one of the three helicopters. you never know which one is president is on. that's how they want it. he's landing i believe at jba. he will get on a jet and head to
12:51 pm
music city u.s.a., off to nashville. why is that? well, we'll let you know after this.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> shepard: just in to fox news, the president is making his way toward -- to the jet there at joint base andrews. he got off marine one and walked over toward air force one, which will take him to nashville. reporters asked him questions. here, listen.
12:55 pm
>> shepard: sometimes he comes to the microphones, this times he didn't. he was smiling there on the lawn. the questions were about roseanne and the cancelling of "roseanne." they wanted a statement on that. and on north korea and this idea and it's only that of a summit. there was one other subject. the tariffs regarding china, the $50 billion tariffs. and there will be questions certainly about this -- the moves with zte, which have made no sense to political observers and no sense on capitol hill. why is the president propping up a chinese company that the military has said it won't allow troops to use, that intelligence services have said pose as national security threat, that republicans and democrats on capitol hill have said we should
12:56 pm
not be propping up in any way and yet the president agrees with the chinese that that is what he's going to do. so far there's no real answers on this matter. i'm sure they will be seeking them. a rally tonight in nashville. stay tuned. top of the hour headlines coming up. you do all this research
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> on this day in 1953, climbers reached the top of the world. mount everest is more than 9,000 feet above sea level. news of the victory broke on the day of queen elizabeth's second coronation. since then, thousands have made it to the highest point on earth as mount everest was conquered 65 years ago. big day on the dow. we were down 65 points in the last hour, this isn't about anything domestic. this is largely about, according to the analysts, what's going on
1:00 pm
in italy. the italians can't seem to form a government after the party that came into power really didn't work and play well with others. they may have to have another election and the european union is in doubt as a result. neil cavuto is next. >> neil: all right. thank you, shep. fox on top of stocks tumbling and a hollywood star all but disappearing. stocks can still come back. roseanne, let's just say not any time soon. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. on wall street we're used to fortunes changing fast. today they did. rarely do we see a career implode even faster. for one roseanne barr, she did. stocks undone by concern that europe can't get its act together. "roseanne" undone by a racist tweet. one thing is certain, the marks